Hi, I'm John
and I'm a

  • Software Engineer

The Services I offer


Have an existing project that needs to be brought into the light again? Connect with me and become relevant in the digital age.


Have a site already and need it to go live? Deploying it to a server is just one of the many tasks that can be handled for you.


Have an idea you would like to get advice on. With years in the industry I can help you bring your ideas to fruitrition.


Professional business sites or personal blogs. With my knowledge your ideas can become a reality.

Hi, I am John Schmuff...

I'm a Software Engineer living in Orange County, California. Currently employed as Lead Software Engineer for an auction platform. I have worked with companies like Simple Green, Disruptive Technologies, Serrf Corporation and many others.
Being a developer is my passion that gives me the freedom to express myself.

Keep in Touch with me

I am available for hire as a freelancer. Shoot me a message if you are interested or are looking to get a quote. I would be happy to work with and/or collaborate on existing or future applications.

John Schmuff
Orange County, California
(714) 475 - 4470